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  • The Secrets, Lies & Myths Of Women’s Health – it’s time to challenge our preconceived ideas around sex, orgasms, menstruation, fertility, contraception with ideas you’ll never have heard before & so much more…

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“The Intuitive Woman is an empowering online summit for women to enable them to take charge of their own health and wellbeing and open their eyes to the abundance of their own inner resources.”

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The Power of Menstruation - An Act of Self-awareness

Alexandra Pope

As co-director ‘Red School’ Alexandra teaches a radical new approach to women’s health and wellbeing; creativity and leadership; and spiritual life based on the power of the menstrual cycle and the developmental journey from menarche to menopause and beyond.

Author of ‘The Wild Genie: The Healing Power of Menstruation’, ‘The Women’s Quest Workbook’ and co author of ‘The Pill: are you sure it’s for you?’, she offers workshops, online courses, training and coaching drawing on over 30 years of experience pioneering the emerging field of menstruality. Her latest co-authored book ‘Wild Power: discover the magic of the menstrual cycle and awaken the feminine path to power’ is due out in April 2017.

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“I think of the menstrual cycle as an inner guide. When a woman is connected to her cycle and knows what day she is on and honours the energy and mood each day, instead of imposing an agenda on herself but respects this organic rhythm as best she can, she is directly connected to herself” – Alexandra

Insights from listeners…

“The conversation with Alexander Pope was really enlightening for me. I was amazed at how little understanding I had of my own menstruation cycle, and the impact on my monthly life….and I am sure I am not the only woman who didn’t have this overview. It feels like a piece of knowing myself that I have been missing all these years….Thank you so much Sarah for this really beautiful and informative interview.”– Katrina

“Oh, I wish I’d known about this 30 years ago! I would have connected with the feminine in me much sooner and, no doubt, saved myself decades of period pain. Amazing to think what can happen when children grow up aware of this.” – Anke

Accessing Your Sexual Wellness Beyond Belief Systems

Lauren Brim

Lauren Brim is a sexual wellness coach and author of ‘The New American Family’ modern stories of family formation, sex and childrearing, and ‘The New Rules of Sex’ a revolutionary 21st-century approach to sexuality, relationships, and love.

Lauren also writes a blog at where she provides sexual health and coaching resources for women wanting to create the life or love life that they desire. Lauren has worked in the healing arts for over a decade and began to specialize in women’s health after attending births and training to be a midwife. She now lives in Los Angeles with her daughter.

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“The sexiest part of a woman’s body could be her shoulder and if she revealed her shoulder then everyone would lose their minds! In another culture….there were different ways of approaching everything from sexuality to eating, to how they related, this really struck me, like “on my gosh, everything I perceive, what I think I want, what I find to be sexy, the positions I have sex in, all of this has been taught to me by my culture.” – Lauren

Insights from listeners…

“Every woman (and man!) needs to hear Lauren’s take on sexual health and wellness. The information that Lauren shares here will change the way you think about sex, forever. (And believe me, you will be thinking about it more …)” – Mary

“It is definitely an eye-opening interview, it just confirms again and again how intuition is everything in our lives. I bought Lauren’s book and I am looking forward to hearing more on the subject and to get rid of more of the conditioning that I’ve bought into, without knowing it. Thank you.” – Sandie

“Wow, a fascinating talk, exposing the truths and eliminating the many myths regarding woman’s sexuality.” – Emma

Harnessing Your Natural Intuition

Becky Walsh

Becky Walsh

Becky has been turning the world of self-development on its head for years with her down-to-earth and uniquely funny style. Becky’s teaching effortlessly blends her unique humour with groundbreaking, smack-on-the-forehead insights that put clients in control of their own lives. Becky’s TV show ‘Anything goes with Becky Walsh’ aired across the ‘Made TV network’ weekly.

She’s a Hay House author of the book ‘You DO Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’ which is published in four languages, as well as four more published books and one fiction book under the name Rebecca Stone. Becky is a sought after speaker and has appeared at the world renowned seminar ‘I Can Do It’. Becky isn’t shy of the media having hosted her on show on LBC 97.3 Radio in London, Hay House Radio and is now a freelancer for BBC Radio Bristol. Her own TV show ‘Becky’s Life Hacks’ aired on Made in Bristol TV. Becky also writes for Huffington Post and Psychologies Magazine.

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“Most people in the self-development field will say ”You’re messed up, you’re broken, you have loads of healing to do…have a series of sessions with me and we’ll spend a lot of time going back into your past, looking at your childhood, limiting beliefs when in fact you’re sticking the magnifying glass in completely the wrong place.” – Becky

Insights from listeners…

“I loved listening to Sarah and Becky Walsh talk about intuition. I feel like I have overdone personal development a bit and wasn’t sure about listening to another recording but this conversation was brilliant! Informative, amusing and insightful. I will definitely be exploring this more! Thank you.” – Katrina

“A thoroughly enjoyable and informative interview. Becky is both passionate and knowledgeable about her work and reminded me once again that ‘I do know’ and to pay attention to that quiet intuitive voice that’s guiding me moment to moment. Very insightful.” – Farah

The Power Of Presence In Parenting

Jack Pransky

Dr Jack Pransky is an author, speaker, trainer and practitioner and both a national and international consultant who has worked in the field of prevention and community organising since 1968.

Jack has authored many books but one of particular interest to us at the summit is Jack’s expertise in the area of parenting and his wonderful book “Parenting from The Heart”, which not surprisingly gets 5 stars from all the book reviews on Amazon. Jack specialises in teaching how as parents seeing that the world is created from the inside-out helps make parenting an easier, more connected and more loving experience.

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“The best thing that we can do as parents is in helping our children become self sufficient and gain self reliance, which is really what we want them to do since they will be leaving us eventually…they have intuition speaking to them all the time as well….help them be guided by their intuition and wisdom and help them to see how to do that. That will make such an incredible difference in their lives and ours for that matter.” – Jack

Insights from listeners…

“This interview had a real impact on me even on listening to it for the second time. I had quiet a few insights around how being present with your child can have such a positive impact on your relationship together. l also realised that if I continue rushing my children in the morning to get ready, it can actually slow them down more. I have totally stepped back and our morning routine has truly transformed. Thank you Sarah and Jack. X.” – Amina

“It was really lovely to be reminded that our children have all the same access to wisdom as we do but what really resonated with me was Jack saying ‘we say we love our kids but what they hear is our worry, anger and frustration. When we allow love to surface before we deal with them… ..they hear that’. Wow. If I could do more of this it would impact all my relationships and it gives me compassion for my children when I know I am hearing their anger and worry too.” – Christine

Body Image & The True Source Of Beauty

Nicola Jane Hobbs

Nicola Jane Hobbs

Nicola is a yoga teacher, author, and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. Now recovered from anorexia, she is passionate about building balanced bodies and fear free souls. She has a master’s degree in sport psychology and combines ancient wisdom with modern research to find a balance between spirituality and science.

Nicola is a Bloomsbury author with her first book; Yoga Gym (, empowers people to use their own body weight to improve their strength, flexibility and overall health. Her second book, Thrive Through Yoga, will be published next year and focuses on helping readers to ease anxiety, love their body and feel more alive through the power of yoga, Ayurveda, spirituality and psychology.

Her yoga teaching focuses on improving performance in athletes and helping those with eating disorders and other mental health conditions find freedom and feel more at peace with themselves and the world. Nicola can be reached at

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“When I was going through the anorexia it was a need to control how other people thought of me, from my body. I didn’t want other people to think that I was someone who was out of control and didn’t have any power over my own life, and actually I was displaying it in completely the wrong way. So many people have anxieties around their bodies I think the statistics are about 60% of us are ashamed of our bodies and society doesn’t help because of mainstream media, Photoshop, social media, putting different filters on their selfies, these kind of messages that we’re being given is affecting how we treat ourselves.” – Nicola

Insights from listeners…

“I loved this interview and picked up some real gems about women’s bodies and the innate wisdom that resides within them. I was especially touched by the discussion around the source of true beauty, and how our thinking creates our body image.” – Farah

Fertility & Contraception - Respecting Your Body’s Natural Rhythm

Jane Bennett

Jane Bennett

Jane is a natural fertility expert and co-author of ‘The Pill: Are you Sure it’s for you?’ An extraordinarily insightful and informative book that explores the physical and psychological repercussions of taking the pill – from side effects, like weight gain and depression to cancer, to effective alternative methods of contraception.

Jane has authored and co-authored many other books including A Blessing Not a Curse Girltopia and The Natural Fertility Management Kits for Contraception. Jane is founder of many popular programs including a ‘Celebration Day for Girls’ a workshop designed to support girls and mothers at the special threshold of entering puberty and menstruation. ‘Cool on the Inside’, a one-day workshop for teenage girls to support positive body image, social and emotional wellbeing and emerging sexuality. ‘Fathers Celebrating Daughters’, a workshop for fathers of tween and teen girls, in support of an affirming, connected journey to womanhood. Jane trains facilitators internationally to offer these popular programs worldwide.

Jane is now also involved in the ‘The Waratah Project’ looking at ways we collectively think about menstruation and menopause, working to influence society towards more positive ways of understanding these universal aspects of female experience.

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“I started to track my cycle…and I found in a very short time that a light went on in a whole area of my being that I’d only had a vague sense was there…..I actually felt kind of angry that this amazing awareness and way to understand my self and my body and my rhythms and very symptoms that I was experiencing wasn’t shared with me when I was much younger.” – Jane

Insights from listeners…

“I listened to Jane Bennett and I loved it! I also wonder how life would have been different had I known this as a teenager. It’s time we teach girls early to treasure themselves, to be in tune with their bodies enough to question medical advice that suggests they mess with their hormones as a “practical” solution.” – Anke

“I listened to the Jane Bennett this morning. And this interview was definitely my favourite because I found it so educational. The information she shares about the impact of contraception on our finely tuned hormonal system is so badly needed… many women are still completely in the dark about these matters. I’ve never actually taken the pill – because the idea just didn’t sit well with me (and not because I was particularly well informed), so it was gratifying to hear that I intuitively made the right choice. I know my daughters possibly wouldn’t think twice because it’s so normalised. I remember one of my daughters going through a low period while at college, and the doctor prescribed the pill for her. I didn’t let her take it, of course, but it appalled me the way GPs mindlessly dispense drugs without considering the true implications. Anyway, I’m going to get both of my daughters to listen to this recording too and hopefully it’ll spark an interest in them about learning about their bodies and attuning to them better.” – Farah

The Key To Healthy, Balanced Friendships

Jill Whalen

Jill unexpectedly retired from the business world of consulting to write a blog ‘What Did You Do With Jill?’ – a personal account of what she’s learned throughout her ‘healthy lifestyle’ transformational journey in recent months.

Jill’s unplanned delving into mental health revealed to her previously unseen lifelong patterns of addiction and she finally saw them for what they were. Through Jill’s personal transformation she was really struck by a huge insight she had specifically around addictive friendships.

Jill is still a problem solver, but now she mentors individuals, coaches, small business owners, leaders, groups and organisations to help them uncover their natural well being and happiness so that they can operate from a clearer, healthier state of mind.

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“I was in the shower one day and I just had this insight where my life literally flashed before my eyes in a second and I saw all these friendships I’d had, these string of friendships and what I had been doing my whole life was seeking happiness outside of myself through these friendships thinking that these other people would make me feel better.” – Jill

Insights from listeners…

“A wonderful, insightful interview! The idea that we all have addictions in our life (friendships or otherwise) really struck me. Made me wonder where I can be more flexible and less judgmental in my friendships and relationships in general. Thanks Sarah and Jill!” – Gail

Marriage - Keeping it Compassionate & Alive

Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe

Keith Blevens & Valda Monroe

Valda Monroe and Keith Blevens, Ph.D. have been married for 39 years. They met Sydney Banks in 1977, who then became their friend and mentor. They were profoundly impacted by Syd and what they learned from him and they have been three Principles advocates, practitioners and consultants ever since. Keith first started finding success working with this understanding in his practice as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. As Keith and Valda gained experience and expertise colleagues and others began hiring them as coaches and consultants. The success of their work created a referral business in LaConner, Washington. Working with people face to face and remotely. Keith speaks all over the world sharing, teaching and training in the logic of The Three Principles. They are currently working on a number of projects to develop programs and materials for both the public and practitioners in this understanding.

Before Sydney Banks’ death he asked them to co-author a book that they are currently working on. This project forced Keith and Valda to challenge their understanding of the three Principles. Out of this, they have realized a practical way to teach the logic of The Three Principles as the groundbreaking Paradigm it truly is.

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“It gave us a different life, a life of resilience rather than one of coping. Something happened. There were things that we comprehended or came to realise that enabled me as a husband, or even before we were married, to continue to ‘get over myself’ (he laughs), to bounce back, to find a way to come back to a place where I was myself again. And by myself I mean who I really am as an ordinary regular person rather than being someone who is in a reaction or stuck in some sort of problem or issue. When you have things on your mind that are troubling you or that you are having difficulty with you are really not yourself.” – Keith

“We are all living in our own thinking moment to moment. I can’t have my husband’s thinking and he can’t have my thinking and so we have these separate realities. It doesn’t make us cold or hard, or anything else. To me it was like ‘oh yes this is absolutely true about life’, to me it made me want to be a really good communicator, because I am trying to communicate what my reality is here so that somebody else would know something about me, so that they would know what I was thinking and how I thought things fit together, and I thought I need to be a really good listener because they have a different reality over there, and me to learn how theirs works.” – Valda

Insights from listeners…

“Anyone who is in a relationship or who wants to be in a relationship should listen to what Keith and Valda share in this session. They share with great clarity and simplicity the essence that is at the core of all relationships. I was deeply impacted by the insights I got from listening to them. I’ve been married for 15 years, and I wish that I had heard this 15 years ago!” – Davida

“I loved this conversation. It rang true for me in so many ways. I can see my own relationships have changed massively due to this understanding. Separate realities was a game changer for me. I used to think if I didn’t think the same as the people I had relationships that there was something either wrong with them or me and we were maybe even not compatible! Lol. Now I can see how untrue that was and the differences between us are actually a large part of what I enjoy now. It is so interesting to see someone else’s view of life and I find myself much more interested than before. I also really agree that both people don’t need to see this for massive change.” – Christine

Holistic Wellbeing & Your Body’s Perfect Feedback System

Sarah Phipp

Sarah Phipp

Sarah is a transformational health & wellbeing coach. Now in the best health of her life, Sarah runs a busy practice sharing her years of knowledge gained from extensive training in health and nutrition, and the psychology of health and wellbeing. Her life however, looked very different ten years ago, when she struggled with severe mental and physical ill health and a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. Her work is also reflective of her own journey.

Sarah’s particular interest has always been focused on the mind: body connection, recognizing the importance of how we create our experience from our state of mind and how this affects the body’s physiology. This groundbreaking approach teaches a new paradigm in psychology that helps clients de-clutter and quieten their minds to tap into their own powerful intuition. This simple approach is making a huge impact on her clients, pointing them towards greater peace of mind and wellbeing in all areas of their lives.

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“It’s really good to focus on energy and sleep because those are things that people can really struggle with and for me, both personally and with clients, when I see that either sleep is out of balance or energy is low that is the first sign that dis-ease is starting to manifest within the body and you should pay attention to it. It’s the body being in communication with you, saying – hey! something’s not right here.” – Sarah

Insights from listeners…

“Sarah has a lovely positive and intelligent message about holistically maintaining optimum health for every cell of your body. I took away instant repairs that I could make to impact my sleep cycles and energy levels. I’m ready to detox my liver and have an Epsom salts bath!” – Christine

“I love the idea of being able to take responsibility of my health and wellbeing through a balanced and nutritional diet.” – Emma

Exploring The Female Orgasm

Libby Sheppard

Libby Sheppard

Libby is a an Intimate Therapeutic Bodyworker whose sessions focus on supporting people in awakening their sexual energy, by bringing them into deeper connection with their physical and energetic body, calming the mind and becoming more conscious of the erotic energy flow within their bodies.

Libby uses tantric principles, sensual touch, breath work, meditation and coaching techniques to create a safe and welcoming space for clients to drop deeply into themselves. Her work is intended to create a safe place to explore and enjoy sensual and erotic pleasure without judgment or ‘performance’ of any kind, and to give an imprint of a tantric, spiritual approach to sexual energy. Her balanced approach combines the physical and the spiritual. Her incredible touch supports clients in fine-tuning their body awareness, whilst also experiencing deep pleasure. Her passion and enthusiasm in life is to explore how we enjoy our bodies, how our sexual energy can be used both in intimacy and outside of the bedroom.

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“The ‘peak orgasm’ is the type of orgasm we are all used to and know as the first type of orgasm (of which there are four), we probably experience in our lives. It’s a way of orgasming that drains the body of sexual energy, so if you imagine your sexual energy in your body… your life energy in your body is like a battery and with an ejaculatory orgasm or a clitoral based orgasm you’re allowing that energy to deflate and be lost… be spurted out from your body… be squeezed and clenched out from your body in those peak orgasms. With tantric practice we learn to harness that energy.” – Libby

Insights from listeners…

“It is really refreshing to hear a woman describe so frankly the power of sensual and sexual energy and how it can be turned from something shameful into exploring and sustaining subtler physical sensations and ‘what feels fabulous to you’.

This talk will appeal to women who feel stuck sexually in a relationship, who are no longer giving themselves the time and the space to connect with their bodies and to experience full pleasure.” – Gemma

“Sarah, thank you so much for exploring the theme of the female orgasm with Libby Sheppard. In particular, I’ve loved the distinction Libby made between orgasm and orgasmic sensation and how she mainly spoke about orgasmic sensation. I didn’t know women can experience full body orgasmic sensations, so I’m glad I’ve learned that today. It’s a great interview, highly recommended.” – Clesia

Innate Resilience - Dealing With Anxiety, Pain, Trauma & Grieving

Lian Brook-Tyler

Lian is a co-founder of the education platform ‘Primal Happiness’ and the host of the weekly top 10 ranked iTunes happiness podcast ‘The Primal Happiness Show’.

Lian was lucky to have had an amazingly happy upbringing, bursting with love and adventure. In later years Lian was attacked which resulted in chronic facial pain, massive panic attacks and anxiety. That started a 15 year search for relief from her emotional and physical pain… she tried traditional medicine and then most types of self-help and woo that you can think of. Nothing helped.

Until she discovered the true nature of happiness and then in an instant, her anxiety, fears, limitations, and even the chronic pain dropped away. Her life is now ridiculously happy and her mission is to share the fundamentals behind reclaiming happiness and thriving in all areas of life… with the world!

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“I read about ‘thought’ and I don’t know what the words were, something along the lines of ‘thought creates your reality’… and then it was like an explosion went off in my mind, it was incredible, one moment of like ‘woahhhhhh no way!…this changes everything’, it was like I had all my past and all my fears dancing past in front of my view, saying ‘I’m thought! And I’m thought!…and I’m made of thought too!’…and over the next few days I noticed – oh my goodness – the anxiety has gone, – oh my goodness – the facial pain has gone!” – Lian

Insights from listeners…

“Lian is beautifully open and honest about her life transformation, from one of pain and anxiety following trauma, to one of wellbeing. A lovely reflection on how she discovered that no matter what happened to her in her past she was able to navigate through some of life’s lows with ease.
I found myself reflecting on the innate resilience available to us all, to effortlessly flow through life as it presents to us. I enjoyed this, thank you.”
– Sarah

“I loved Sarah’s style of interviewing, very calm, clear, reflective and engaging. I also loved the comments on gossip and the ego! One of my pet hates too. Lian’s story was very interesting to listen to. The overall message though was absolutely how powerful having a new thought can be and how everything really can change in a moment, both physically and mentally. Very inspiring and I definitely felt the connection between sarah and Lian.” – Susie

Women’s Community - A Lifeline Of Support

Rachael Hertogs

Rachael Hertogs

Rachael’s passion lies in empowering women through connection and supporting them to trust their inner wisdom, especially as they come to the major stages in life; be that first menstruation or menarche, coming into motherhood, parenting or menopause, seeing that women deeply appreciate learning about alternative and positive ways to think about their bodies. Rachael loves to live as naturally and in tune with nature rhythms as much as possible. She is very active as a workshop facilitator along with her involvement in the red tent movement and overall community support.

Rachael also runs a thriving business ‘Moon Times’, which provides natural, environmentally sympathetic menstrual wear, an alternative to the mainstream toxic choices of many pads and tampons. Giving women a sustainable, healthy, economically viable and comfortable alternative.

Rachael has 4 children and lives in the wilds of West Wales in the UK, where she runs a small holding; growing veggies, keeping bees and chickens.

A sneak preview from the conversation…

“Within the group (the red tent), lots of people have had illnesses, marriage breakdowns, infidelity and it just comes to the group and is held with such beauty and confidence. And some of the women have said ’Do you know what? I think I might have ended up by being sectioned if it hadn’t been for the support of these women or I would have run away’…. and that has been really amazing.”

Insights from listeners…

“Rachael has such a lovely empowering way of talking about women, their cycles and the meaning they give to us. A must listen for every mother with a pre-teen daughter that wants to ease that transition into menstruation. The talk revealed a new perspective on menopause too and inspired me to re-engage with my own female heart.” – Christine

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